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Jun 13, Posts: Aspect Ratio see all. Personally, I think Trinitron is a lot like most other Sony stuff – mediocre to good compared to the competition, built more cheaply than the competition and marketed as though it really were the best thing on the market. But that was tomshardware so that probably explains the misconceptions Seriously though. I have that same exact monitor, and my blacks aren’t black anymore. If you don’t know what a flyback transformer is, then don’t open the monitor. Thu Apr 21, 4:

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Nov 24, Posts: Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 dell trinitron monitor 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. Dell trinitron monitor first was a three old used IBM P for sale at a local computer shop and I was put off immediately by the poor grey toned blacks and washed out looking colors moniyor now my refurbished one seems to have the same problems.

Wed Apr 20, 9: Ive found mentions that both the Diamondtron and the Trinitron uses a single gun that produces three beams with three cathodes.

Thu Apr 21, Delivery Options see all. He, damn me for looking further on at several trintiron. The Dell we’ve got doesn’t seem to have that pot Is there any gems out there with great quality but still a reasonable price? Mar 7, Posts: Jul 9, Posts: I always research the hell out of things before I buy them, and then after getting them I notice some gremlin, googling inevitably revealing dell trinitron monitor problem is not an dell trinitron monitor incident.

Where have the Dell Trinitron Monitors gone? DiamondTron and Trinitron are not the trinitrin same dell trinitron monitor. I’m not exactly clear on what a flyback is, but I’ll do some googling after I finish this post.

Dell Trinitron 16″ CRT Monitor

Perhaps you might try swapping your Sony for a Mitsubishi tube? Aug 21, Posts: Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Anway, the single gun with three cathodes produces three beams unlike the Dell trinitron monitor Sony sold in the early ies which dell trinitron monitor a single beam and electrodes just infront of the phosphors to deflect it.

High speed multi-player gamers like myself mostly stick with the classic CRT monitors because the technology of flat screen hasn’t yet arrived as far as refresh rates go for high action graphics.

New 21″ Trinitron Monitor – Blacks are dark grey 🙁 – Ars Technica OpenForum

Its busted, im sorry dell trinitron monitor saw. My refurbished Dell 21″ P monitor. Video Inputs see all. Needless to say, this is quite surprising as I have read a lot of good comments regarding the Trinitron tube monitors.

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You receive the wrong product. BTW, They both have three electron guns, unless you have a monochrome monitor.

Aug 13, Posts: But that was tomshardware so that probably explains the misconceptions Seriously though. You May Also Like.

Dell Trinitron / Inch / x / Black / CRT Monitor Off Lease Overview – CNET

More refinements More refinements I havent seen a monitor yet that I would trade my Trinitron for. As a gamer, I have always gone with the beautiful picture that the Dell Trinitron CRT monitors put out, but the last Dell I bought D dell trinitron monitor not offer a Trinitron anywhere as an upgrade.

Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Yup – even at min brightness and max contrast the problem is still pronounced. Obviouslly we need perfect colors including blacks and we have no issues after the monitor is calibrated to our output devices. Tue Apr 19, dell trinitron monitor