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By the way, vaio control center is what handles the fn keys. Supratik Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Sony has drivers on their website, go under downloads and select your model: The screen is amazing, even in direct sunlight it is still relatively easy to see clearly and continue working. Also it seams to shutdown very slowly, after the blue windows is shutting down screen comes on it seams to just stay and stay and stay. Fri Feb 25, 7: If anyone has the drivers could you please contact me by IM at “paulsidekick” or email me here http:

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So vgn-s360 only known method vgn-s360 to buy the recovery CD since it uses and embedded installer of sorts that I dont know howto extract for redistro. Fri Mar 11, 3: Vgn-s360 using it in the office it has just about every kind of port and type vgn-s360 connectivity you could ask for although it could use Bluetooth. Feb 19, Posts: Below are vgn-s360 benchmarks for your comparison: Well, I could ask you what you thought you were accomplishing by wiping out a perfectly good factory vgn-s360 okay, so it was a Vgn-s360, so it might have been good, but thats your own damned fault for buying Sony in the first place.

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The screen is amazing, even in direct sunlight it is vgn-s360 relatively easy to see clearly and continue working. Battery Eater 05 vgn-s360 run on battery power with all power management features turned off, screen on maximum brightness, and OpenGL resolution of xx Wed Feb 02, 9: I vgn-s360 managed to get the video working for now until i vgn-s360 make it back to bestbuy and vgn-s360 a restore cd from them, now vgn-s360 only issue for the time being vgn-s360 sound.

Instead of including any kind of backup disks at all Sony vgn-s360 instead decided to include two things. This driver is so good at least for Alias Maya I can do all the stuff the del M60 with a quadro go can do using this driver.

Any help would be appreciated. Thu Feb 24, Wiped my laptop once I got home, didnt see anything about the recovery disc, from what Vgn-s360 take, I cant install my vgn-s360 windows or what??

Sony VAIO VGN-S360 laptop sound card drivers

We use the program Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed. Does anyone having working instructions vgn-s360 that.

There vng-s360 2 USB 2. Feb vgn-s360, Posts: The keyboard is a nice size and it is a breeze to type even very vgn-s360 documents.

Sony Vaio VGN-s360 VGN-S360

I had a version of power panel got it from sony’s site that installed on newer machines, but vgn-s360 seem to find it again – does anyone know of this? We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to vgn-s3360 your vgn-s360 and vgn-s360 provide you with relevant content and vgn-s360.

Fri Feb 25, Wed Feb 16, 7: As for the sleep, it wasn’t the dna driver, it was vgn-s360, I had the computer set to “do nothing” when the lid closes. In the mean time I really vgn-s360 the video vgb-s360 vgn-s360 the omega ones won’t work with Alias’ Maya and I have homework I have to finish this weekend.

Lack of software backup disks Poor international warranty No serial or parallel port Vgn-s360 fitting vgn-s360 Expensive Conclusion Vgn-s360 with its flaws I would still highly recommend this laptop to anyone that needs to be very mobile and yet maintain vgn-s360 high level of performance.

Wed Feb 02, 1: Vgn-s360 thanks, cant use old drivers directly due to system version vgn-3s60 Thu Feb 24, 9: I found almost everything now and wanted to put the links altogether for anyone else having this problem. Aug 7, Posts: A close look at the top row of keys, and vgn-s360 two configurable short cut buttons above the F6 and F7 keys view larger image The audio system is very good considering the size vgn-s360 this notebook.

VTchewie Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Its basically a compressed disc image.