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Now you have insurance! All solid-state design replaces servo, complicated microswitches and wiring. The instructions have a very clear warning to NOT connect the glow circuit to the radio’s battery pack. No mussing and fussing with a glow driver inserted through the cowl to start the engines, and no reaching in to remove the glow driver. The onboard battery needs to be between 2 v v. A single engine installation in a sport plane would be very easy and straightforward. Ease of use Easy to program Adds reliability for engines.

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But this still left me onboard glow the glow plug positive connection, onboar plug negative connection, and the wire to the glwo that needed to be extended.

Customer Feedback; I have 4 of these now and they’re just brilliant – no trouble at all – onboard glow best thing since sliced bread!! Installing the Sullivan Onboard Glow Driver can range from a very easy straightforward job onboard glow the way to an entailed installation that requires a bit of thought.


Pull on wire to open spring-loaded clamp and snap on most glowplugs and glow engines. But once I stop and think about it I will have to concede that it would be really difficult for Sullivan to build a unit that would be ready to go into the large amount of different planes out here. In the wings I connected the wires onboard glow the power plugs and routed the wiring to each engine nacelle. You blip the throttle stick onboard glow it lights the ohboard for 5 seconds or something so you can start the engine.

Great for a Scale look! If the glow plug is burned out the LED indicator will flash when it? Onboard glow to Inverted Flight.

Find More Posts by mrbigg. Because I was breaking in the engines, and then syncing and onboard glow them, I wanted to be able to turn the glow off to check my idle.

HobbyKing On-board Glowdriver (v2)

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I used my starter onboard glow the engine and it immediately fired to life! I was really pleased with the way that the Sullivan driver worked. This glow driver features your choice of quick and easy one button onboard glow point programming or automatic operation, so the plug received power at any throttle settings. It means no more drilling through cowls onboard glow start their planes. It will only work on a pack that is 6v.

The servo wire is also terminated in a standard connector that should fit most major brands of radios. One of their latest releases is no different.

On Board Glow

With onboard glow shipping the basic unit it is very easy for pilots such as myself to modify the unit for their own applications. I turned on the radio, turned on the glow driver, and then started the engines. Being able to energize the glow plug when the engine is at a low onboard glow when it is coming in for a landing, for example greatly decreases the likelihood that the engine will quit when you might need it most-for a go— around or to stretch a short approach.

It can be programmed to automatically light the glow plug when the throttle is reduced below a preset position — preventing those low throttle flame outs and onborad the low speed idle characteristics. onboard glow

Send onboard glow private message to Desertlakesflying. Inverted mounted 2 stroke, multi-cylinder and some 4-stroke engines are notorious for flame outs caused by insufficient heat production at idle speeds.

Sullivan Products Onboard Glow Driver

Find More Posts by onboard glow. Automatic stick direction detection; Fully proportional glow Fully on onboard glow stick is in the low postion ; Stored stick low point; Glow turns off with trim fully down with the stick low; One or two glow plug use.

Send a private message to jlkonn. The time it takes to prepare your item s to ship from our warehouse. All necessary parts to complete a typical Twin-cylinder or Twin-engine GlowLite installation, pre-wired and professionally-crimped: Regardless of complexity, however, goow all help ensure safe engine starting and reliable performance.

The time for your item s to tarvel onboard glow our onboard glow to your destination.

I think RCD smart onboard glow driver is good! A generic receiver plug is attached.