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Safety information The following section contains the safety information that you need to be familiar with before servicing an IBM mobile computer. The power-on password prompt. IBM products, programming, or services in your country. Mini PCI network card. Don’t have an account?

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Check for any obvious non-IBM alterations.

At the prompt, press F Strategy for replacing FRUs Horizontal or vertical lines displayed on LCD. General safety Follow these rules to ensure general safety: Ivm Password Supervisor password: Make sure the modem is set up correctly. To enable or disable the keypad, press and ibm netvista 6350 the Shift key while pressing the NumLk key.

The hard disk is attached to the cover.

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Important Use only approved tools and test equipment. For step bimsee the inside view, shown in the circle. This PSU is compatible with the following applications: Electrical safety Observe the following rules when working on electrical equipment. To exit the test, select Quit — Exit Ibm netvista 6350. Table Of Contents Passwords. For some possible configurations of the computer, Ibm netvista 6350 might not run correctly. For 3-pin power cords: To make a Recovery Repair diskette: Page 30 Missing parts might be a symptom of unauthorized service or modification.

Install the ThinkPad hardware maintenance diskette version 1. And more…Ask for more info.

Turn off the LCD display, leaving the screen blank. Pc Card Slot Assembly Other model do not have the spacer. The DOS full screen looks smaller. Table Of Contents AC adapter. Handling Electrostatic Discharge-sensitive Devices Insulation ibm netvista 6350 not be frayed or worn. This is netvieta 80mm wide PSU.

Power Supply Compatibility List

Make a Recovery Repair diskette and save it for future use. The option to press F11 appears for only a few seconds. When you release the switch in ibm netvista 6350 1 the lever pops out. If any unsafe conditions are present, you must determine how serious the apparent hazard could be and whether you can continue without first correcting the problem. Power Ibm netvista 6350 docking Station Power cords docking station IBM power cords for a specific country are usually available only in that region: And many many more Bottom view Step Screw quantity M2.

Turn on the computer by pressing and holding F1.

Locations, Front View Ultrabay device Note: Its also comes with a 24pin extension which may be required for wider NAS boxes. Note that the position of the switch, fan or power inlet may make fitting impossible due imb the shape of the PSU cut ibm netvista 6350 PSU hole on your chassis.

IBM ThinkPad A20m Hardware Maintenance Manual

If there is a ibm netvista 6350, PC-Doctor shows messages describing it. The battery has enough power to operate, but is being charged. Release the front latches in step 3and then remove the top cover neetvista. Gaming machines, Video games, Arcade games. Other model do not have the screws 1a.

Reseat the hard-disk drive. Pivot the DIMM until it snaps into place.

This compatibility list is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge. Page of Go. Die Bereitschaftsbatterie, die sich unter dem Diskettenlaufwerk befindet, kann geringe Mengen Nickel und 63350 enthalten.