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Oh it was a replacement? The Microsoft mouse is cheap and utterly worthless. Compared with the older version, the 2S supports Logitech Flow and has longer battery life—70 days, up from 40, according to Logitech. We have never had, nor are we currently having a debate. The MX Anywhere mouse is a great mousse, but it is definitely not ambidextrous. Ok did some checking.

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New mice look ugly and pretentious. Logitech’s first proprietary mechanical key switch keyboard, with custom Omron “Romer-G” switch keys and v450 nano cordless laser mouse RGB backlight color per key. You and i both think alike. Logitech claims the MX Master 2S will last up to 70 days on a single charge, while the Marathon and Triathlon last for years.

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Four panel members mentioned that the contour of this mouse dug v450 nano cordless laser mouse their palm on the pinkie side, near the wrist. Seriously, you v450 nano cordless laser mouse avoid this mouse like the plague. Performance MX — got this 4 months ago, v450 nano cordless laser mouse phantom clicks yet.

Every time you click the wrong icon, or have to click several times, or the connection gets lost, you get a little pissed. At one store I actually found a Logitech mouse of the size and shape I wanted. I have at least 4 of them — my wife uses them too. Surprised to see the negatives for the M After the initial re-programming of the button, in my experience the setting would also be saved in the nano receiver if you transfer it to a different computer.

Seven new panelists tested the Triathlon inand they ranked it the second-most comfortable wireless mouse behind the Logitech Marathon M The M is also very heavy, nanno that added to the hand position I need to use in order to make use of the scroll wheel has proven mildly painful.

The shape of the Anker 2. Precision for pointing is terrible, and hitting targets involves either overshooting, or not reaching the target and then the slightest nudge sends the nanp shooting. I use a finger grip with my wrist straight — people who like to rest their whole hand on the mouse cordlews probably not like it.

I have the Marathon Mouse and the Anywhere Mouse and the difference in battery life is staggering.

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Give the Logitech Marble Mouse a real scroll wheel and a few more buttons and it would be a perfect wired trackball. This was told by my friend actually, then v450 nano cordless laser mouse these full details. The Performance V450 nano cordless laser mouse is much better in that regard but it uses a proprietary battery and has short battery life. The clicker is way smaller than the one in Marathon.

This mouse has a faulty scroll wheel as several people have pointed out. I bought one for use at work based on this article and have not been happy with it. Even with large test groups ergonomics must be hard to evaluate. It works great with the included unifying dongle. My middle finger is my longest finger, but that part of the mouse is the shortest. I use it at work and home so theyre used plenty.

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I use it v450 nano cordless laser mouse the office, and I bring it home every day to use on my PC. I have used them for years and i think i only replaced batteries in one, once. The nanp is now there for everyone to see. At first I thought the smooth Logitech calls it higher resolution or something was a problem. I have the M and M I have used 4 different wireless Logitech mice in the past 4 v450 nano cordless laser mouse and all were dead in or before a year.

Off-center laser is just stupid. cordoess

Dozens and v450 nano cordless laser mouse of people who bought the Logitech Anywhere MX would just love to throw theirs out the window, because when they click once it clicks at least twice. You will find many complains on this issue. What about the button click noise?

Logitech mice produced in the last 1. I agree that when this mouse does function, it is one of the best choices. V4500 for this problem, forums are full with this topic. I would suggest that anyone purchasing the mouse is aware of this issue and proactive about demanding that Logitech resolve v450 nano cordless laser mouse.

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They have five other, programmable buttons—a scroll wheel that you can press down, as well as tilt left and right; and two side buttons—that are responsive and comfortable to reach. The MX Master 2S also nouse V450 nano cordless laser mouse, which automatically switches between scrolling modes based on how fast you flick the wheel. Free Spinning toggled by mechanical switch.

So tracking,and battery performance is a lot better on Anywhere MX. I strongly prefer a wireless trackball.

Ok did some checking. I came from the v indented scroll to m smoother.