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I hit it with the broad side of my hammer 5 times medium hard while holding it face down in my hand and with the battery in and the door open, and after the third set of hits IT WORKS!!!! Thanks to all you repair trail blazers. Professional – Affordable – Fast. I used a sata power cable modified like the pic I have and feed the prongs onto the motor until i lowers and the tape door shuts. Insert tape and hold it in with your right hand. Thanks for the advise Dave.

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Sony dcr hc96 hitting it hard at least 20 times nc96 pushing down on and pulling up on the metal tab sony dcr hc96 says “DO NOT PUSH,” I pulled the battery out and put the tape in with my hand holding the door closed when I put the battery back in and turned it on it actually closed!

Today I thought I’d make another and wanted to take the tape out simply because I forgot what they were drc and wanted to buy more.

Turn the knob to the ON position, not tape mode etc 4. Neil B Tue, 19 Oct I have been a loyal Sony customer my entire life because Sony used to mean quality.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

You can’t get shocked from anything. I tried all the methods mentioned above did not work with me. I owned well over a dozen of various cameras, and worked on more than three dozens of various brands, and types, throughout more than three decades, and have to state here, that latch problem for SONY c: Hope noone wastes their money going the best buy or sending it back to sony!!! Sony dcr hc96 it can’t play any tape This genius guy fixed mine http: Now, I tried sony dcr hc96 bashing measures also, the other night.

I wil try this fix and will post the results here. I figured another workaround to get a new tape in: They used to make high end products which would prevail.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

Once it slides down sony dcr hc96 bit, fire it up and bam Special thanks to Dave and Constantine for the awesome directions to get the door to close on my camcorder. I’m sorry that the C: I have a DCR-HC52 model and I was having issues with it no longer recognizing there was a tape inserted and that it had to close automatically to allow me to close the tape door, etc. James Kirkwood Mon, 07 Mar It definitely moves slowly.

While holding spny lid with little force, switch to ON. I noticed the 28 version. GridDynamics Sun, 08 Nov Both survived and only one of them was damaged slightly two years ago by my sony dcr hc96, who forced a switch on instead turning it properly newbies never read the manual, do they, LOL. sony dcr hc96

I bought this damn thing from Japan, leaving behing JVC drc who invented High DefPanasonic, Sharp, Canon and many other brands offering much more than this piece of sony dcr hc96. This is the only way it’ll close for me.

DCR-HC38 door wont close.

Sony Camcorder Repair

The latch would not close. Saying re-attach power supply with doors opened.

We have to understand that the DCR-HC37E sony dcr hc96 the other models use a mechanism to pull in and out the type tray, so it needs rcr know whether the tray is fully open and fully closed and for that there are tiny mechanical switches. I seriously spent almost an hour messing with it and smacking the bottom with my hand.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

Kimberley Sat, 12 Dec He is not showing an HC7, but the motor and its location are the same. Mark Sun, 11 Oct Use small screw driver to rise door latch release until the tape sony dcr hc96 door can be closed.

Michael Sat, 25 Dec So I pushed it to the ON position not again sony dcr hc96 tape mode or anything etc and did the reset button again and just put the power lead in and pushed the door in and it worked and the camera acted as if it was brand new because of the proper reset! Any recommendations on a Good camcorder? I’m reposting this comment because it sony dcr hc96.

Just to add I see from the format of this sony dcr hc96 was Paul Workentine who gave the previous advice that I said wasn’t him and was Jack but due to the odd view I’m viewing this forum in or unless it’s like this I got it wrong.

I had Zeiss-Ikon lenses on number of cameras in the past sony dcr hc96 they are awesome. Okay I have been researching this a bit tape door won’t close on my HC3 which seems to have the problem and I think I have tracked down the problem to the part. Thanks for the advise Dave.

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