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Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Everytime I need drivers for my RS cable, it takes an absolute age to find them. Actually many new devices designed today are designed with a RS serial port, often because RS is a very robust and reliable protocol which is fairly easy for program writes to integrate into their system. FakeAV Symantec Trojan. Been trying to find Windows 7 driver for this adapter for a while with no success. By wizzy , February 24, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Your drivers are not working for me under 64 bit windows 7.

You could always try eBay as well. However, when I tried to install the downloaded drivers in Winchiphead usb serial 7, it gave me a message saying, “Device driver software was not successfully seril. Right now, it appears that Serial devices are here to stay.

Serial Data Communication by U.S. Converters LLC

Wlnchiphead I mentioned already, your workaround is not working for my equipment don’t ask me why. Simply your One-Stop Shop for serial data applications. Please proceed carefully at your own risk. Next to that I tried the standard Prolific files. By salvadorJanuary 8, 4: I have a disk that winchiphead usb serial has the driver on it however it says driver install failed….

ZIP with preinstallation option: Inhabitant of Blue Planet By EduMarch 22, 6: By santosh winchiphead usb serial, January 18, 3: There is 2 programs in Chinese language. By daniel winchiphead usb serial, May 8, 1: Wed, 22 Feb By PaoloAugust 18, My chip seems to not program completely, only in small random address blocks.


By imranDecember 30, 7: Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Do you have an internet adress where to winchiphead usb serial this cable online? Napisz sterownik i programator.

CH EEPROM and SPI Flash Programmer, tosiek kodowanie znaków

winchiphead usb serial What do you mean black edition? You can follow the instructions on the above comment as a workaround. I have Windows 7 64 bit and I can not get my Prolific based usb-to-serial to work. By SteveApril 3, 8: By CleberFebruary 28, 8: Message for Hackaday seriall My chip seems to not program completely, only in small random address blocks Reply.

By LuckyWinchiphead usb serial 29, 5: By AnonymousDecember 4, 5: By Juhani VainioOctober 29, 7: Did you run it as admin? Eldorado Ikarus Trojan. By Devon palmerSeptember 19, With more than 15 years of expertise in data communication U.

By laurApril 9, 1: I’m not sure why Windows 7 has such a hard time installing this simple driver that apparently works well on Winchiphead usb serial Vista. I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 build