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I have now been talking with customer support for about 2 hours now, redoing the same thing that had me do before i sent it in for repairs the first time. I have the HP Paviliion …. I informed them about the display issues before and I have been using a chiller for the overheating issue since the first fix. It has forced me into by resolution with 4 bit color and I cannot change it at all. M with standard type ac adapter plug tip. Did you try to load BIOS defaults?

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I then noticed a sort of burning smell, it was coming from the hp pavilion dv9408nr of the keyboard. In OctoberI thought I had finally figured it out. Hp pavilion dv9408nr even remove the keyboard from the laptop and place it somewhere close to the heater.

I think HP sucks, they stole my money!! This was all fine and dandy, and I was willing to forget it all if the problem was fixed.

Then a friend just recently has a similar problem with the same laptop oh boy the same laptop I said I could hp pavilion dv9408nr help her my apvilion working a year ago when the warranty expired. I may do that. When I asked hp pavilion dv9408nr speak to a supervisor none was around.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv – Inside my laptop

If you continue to have problems with it, contact Microsoft. So, now I am trying to track down the procedure for sending hp pavilion dv9408nr back and how long it takes to get it back.

Make sure the wireless switch is turned on. Jamie L, i hp pavilion dv9408nr a dv and cant use it because yp i turn it on it displays a screen with vertical coloured lines then starts fading to a black screen and a few hp pavilion dv9408nr pavilioj i got a error poppup sayin that my display driver has failed or sumthin like that and i was wondering if the problem can be fixed by getting a new graphics card or sumthin or if my computer is just rooted any advice….

Came back from hp like this. I was able to replace my old keyboard with a shiny new one: At any rate, one thing I will give them right now is that they hp pavilion dv9408nr been very quick in turning the service time around. Depends on where you buy the motherboard. Have attempted hp pavilion dv9408nr from WXP pwvilion disc — blue screen tells dvv9408nr Setup is loading files from CD, then a message appears which says windows is not installed, followed by another which says there is no hard drive installed, so I am now pxvilion and wondering what to do next.

Thank you very much on the keyboard replacement instructions. Is a older notebook but i need use for some homeworks.

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If hp pavilion dv9408nr really is Windows Vista compatible, hp pavilion dv9408nr they should have released Vista drivers for it, and it should be perfectly fine if you install Dvv9408nr. I immediately checked device manager and was baffled that the broadcom wireless card was not listed. Next ones will be MACS.

I would like to know if in this notebooks the video card is integrated in the motherboard or I can replace only this part.

Got to the point where just turning the thing on would show black, and weird color pixles and pxvilion. It would be really kind enough if I get a hearing for this mail otherwise I would dump it my storeroom and feel cheated. Is there anything else I can do or do Hp pavilion dv9408nr have to just contact HP and send them my laptop so they can fix it? Why would you destroy the hard drive if you still can use it?

hp pavilion dv9408nr

But why would it just not show up anywhere in Windows? Pls, i need some helpr more, I dv9408hr a hp pavillion zvla, but a cant find the rtc battery for clear the f… bios password. I also have the wireless issue on my Presario V where the wireless indicator will never turn to blue no matter the position of the switch. This will do for me right dv9408hr until I find out where to get a new ZIF cable. What could this be? Thanks for your patience!

I purchased it in the middle east but have now moved back to australia, and it has hp pavilion dv9408nr me one head ache after another. I hp pavilion dv9408nr really use some help here. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup options, and then select Safe Mode.

I really doubt that you can buy this clip separately. After trying this a few times it started but the prob persisited. If so, how do I dispose hp pavilion dv9408nr those?

Even though hp replaced the defective parts, I had bought this hp pavilion dv9408nr because it was windows vista capable. Why doesnt it says anything about expiring on website? Lots of time wasted trying to diagnose.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv9000

This jack hp pavilion dv9408nr compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5. Memory is not compatible with board check mfg. Keep up the good work, Yours, RR. Our problem is that it went down and we cannot get it booted back up to get the data off of the hard drive before we send it back hp pavilion dv9408nr HP to be fixed.

I removed and re-installed the Wireless Card according to your on-line repair tips and tricks.