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I have to admit I’m a bit conflicted, and for such shallow reasons I read that the sound on this with Vista was poor but after reading that and getting XP in there I was surprised it sounded OK on mine. I’m not too sure. Shit never works for me so i just started over. I reinstalled Vista from the included disc, and it’s definitely a lot faster without all the Gateway stuff clogging it up All drivers work and everything is functional now as far as i know. No I never got the topdog wireless card to work.

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I too have had the Vista pains and decided to go back to XP. Plopped it in and loaded drivers, works like a gateway mt3422. I’ve already formated to XP Though I didn’t try “fixing” windows instalation or nt3422.

Red Flag This Gateway mt3422 Please let us know here gateway mt3422 this post is inappropriate. You got sound working yet? If you could sent me those drivers, it would be appreciated Thank You mwmh. ANd do I need more than the 5 files that jdesants gave thankss like controllers or anything.

Anyway, that’s great work for sure! I have been working on trying to get an xp driver for the gateway mt3422 n card for months now to no avail. Oh, one idea I had is that if there are similar models that were released like last month, but with XP instead of Vista, their support pages should have the proper drivers It is gateway mt3422 nice to be able to switch back to Vista if I want to use the Media Card slot. Gateway mt3422 had downloaded these from you before after reading through the thread.

Shit never works for me so i just started over.

XP Drivers for a Gateway w/Vista? – Microsoft: Windows XP Pro – Tek-Tips

But beyond that, this is proving to be a real headache. Patience is definitely a virtue: Since downgrading to Vista gateway mt3422 an option for someone who wants a fast and stable OS to run their hardware and programs, I was faced gateway mt3422 the same issues as all of you when I reformatted and did a fresh install of WXPMCE on the stock gig HD that comes in this little bad boy.

Vista will lose all saved System Restore points every time you boot into another operating system. StomperX – I’ve been following your questions on the web and have responded to them. Basically my Gateway wireless is Broadcom chipset is BCM so that driver should work and it does.

So Gateway mt3422 can’t run any system information programs that will acuratily tell me what the hell is under the hood. Or please tell me somewhere else to look. Does anyone else get really horrible and distorted audio gateway mt3422 the MT using XP? I knew you guys would be able to help me out.

I called gateway mt3422 complained gateway mt3422 gateway, they dont care, I called marvell, they dont work with the end user. First time here on this group. Hi everyone, I’ve been following this thread for quite sometime and I happy to happy have found some useful information.

Also check the other forum link above on this subject. It works like a charm and in fact has proven more stable to me than Vista.

gateway mt3422 Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members! I have no idea about any other OS, because right now, other than Ubuntu, there aren’t any OS’s I’m interested in working with: I also found another one the link for the in your previous post I’m having the same problem with a Gateway GTE desktop my company got last week.

Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. Thanks mt34222 gateway mt3422 the files. Gateway mt3422 read that the sound on this with Gxteway was poor but after reading that and getting XP in there I was surprised it sounded OK on mine. Thanks for the advice!

tateway I need XP at work to join a domain and for incompatible software, so finding the drivers wasn’t an option. Hi all, Thanks for this thread gateway mt3422. I am working on one of these laptops for a friend. After install, please reboot your laptop, thanks. I imagen that if I could get a specific list of what the hardware is in this computer, finding XP drivers shouldn’t be all to gateway mt3422.

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How is the laptop with XP? At first the drivers were an issue, but I also gateway mt3422 a fairly new MX that had alot of the same hardware, I found this out by comparing vista drivers for the and the ‘s at gateways site and when the vista drivers matched, I downloaded gateway mt3422 XP drivers for the and applied them gateway mt3422 the ‘s also did a lot of searching on intels site for the correct drivers and also at realtek. Could either of you send me the drivers for the Gateway MX if you have them.

Tried Marvell as well and they gave me the same story Wow Kloud, that’s awesome! No I never got the topdog wireless card to work.