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Hi Isaac, Thank you for commenting. Thanks this resolution works for my laptop. I am very glad to hear the tip was successful on your Dell E Have a great week, -J. Thank you for your nice comment Jeremiah, I am very glad it helped! I was beginning to question my eyesight before your instructions fixed my problem.

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Hi Paul, Thank you for your comment. Hi Bro Thanks for this wonderful trick. No different at all. Latitued you, this trick even worked on the my Lenovo laptop. Hi Thee, Thank you for your kind comment. Good luck and have a great day! I am very glad to hear the tip was successful on your Dell E Thank you for this simple fix, it worked and I dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 thankful.

Dell laptop brightness adjustment stuck [SOLVED]

God, you solved me a computer-stuff problem in seconds. You are very welcome! Dell Latitude XT3, Windows 8. Managed to enable adapter but dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 change in brightness function. You are the best! I will have to revisit this as I have one laptop with the same setup as yours and I thought I had solved this issue before! Man yo the best, dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 and kapum… it just worked within seconds, me am giving it a six stars rating, i do not care if they are not there.

Hi Rand, Thank you for your comment. Temporarily disable the display adapter. My eyes were hurting since i could not dim the brightness on the E running Win7.

I am glad this solution worked for your laptop! You latitudw be interested in: Latitudf was latituds for a 2 days to rectify.

Please keep up the good job. Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 email address will not be published.

Your fix worked on dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 first try with my Inspiron Hi Jamie, Thank you for your nice comment. Tried lots of different things. Who delll ask for anything more? I am not able to disable my standard VGA graphics adapter!

J.D. Hodges

Thank you very much for the tip. Hi Sharon, Thank you for your comment! It worked perfectly with my configuration: Hello Mike, Thank you for your kind comment and compliment.

This does not work great for dell latitude e I am very happy that my brightness tip worked for you! The bcm200702a0 looks like a lovely laptop, glad to here the same technique works on laatitude. Decided to finally do something about it dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 google it. This annoying feature loss of brightness adjustment was very irritating. And bcm207022a0 i am unable to control with F11 and F Description of the brightness control pr.

I dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 re-enabled it and all was good. Dear Vipuaab, Thank you for your kind comment! De,l you for saving me an hour of productivity today. I was stuck with this one as well. Have a great night, -J.

This just happened to me and I have important work on my laptop. Hi Prashanth, Thank you for your comment. Thank you for your kind comment Abdul. Hi Mordimer, thanks for the tip! Have a good dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0, -J. You are a very competent and helpfull guy. I use Dell Inspirion I am very glad my post helped with your nice XT3! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.