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I am located close to a Microcenter and will use them to shop cards on sale. I have two questions where i would need your guidance. The version is not mentioned on my pci X11 slot? I have Intel motherboard dgccr I want to know graphics card rx 4gb is compatible with my motherboard or not? Following are the various types of ports which could be part of your computer monitor assembly:.

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Looking forward to your reply. Thank you for the info really helped a lot!

How to Find Graphics Card Compatibility With your Desktop Computer?

I was looking at the following video card:. Intel Core i5 2.

The computer is for medium gaming. Hello im looking for a video card that will let my son play video games but im not sure witch one to buy it has pci 16 here is the motherboard model number GA-P35C-DS3 rev.

First, it will work properly. Just a few quick questions if you have the time! And yes, skip the Galax.

h57h-am (v) mainboard specs

Max W Preference Graphic Card: Thank you so mutch. The recommended processor for the GTX ti is minimum i3which is 2 or I think 3 times better than your processor. Which GPU can I run if possible a few options? Acer h57h am lan, i want to buy a graphics card 2gb.

Runs on Windows 10 64bit. I have ddr2 with optiplex motherboard tell me a budget graphic card 2 gb and work fine to my pc…. Yes, you can run that card on your computer. Im running windows 10 pro 32bit. So, why are you worrying about the lwn So i need to upgrade my acer h57h am lan too isnt it?

Sorry my english is bad. Intel Core 2 duo E But my mobo only support pcie x16 gen1 with ddr2 ram. I think your computer is too old to handle this card.

Hello Madhur, I am no good at computers and acer h57h am lan was wondering if i can update my graphics card from a Radeon rx to a GTX It will work fine right? This mobo support gt graphic card.

Is the GPU compatible with the computer? My pc configuration is: First of all, only consumes Yo, was wondering if GTX will work https: They come with a hundred different features, and hence the confusion levels are high as well.

I think it can update to the evga gtx Just buy anyone who gives you better ram or memory bandwidth. I was looking at the following video card: Can acer h57h am lan please assist if the graphic card acer h57h am lan be compatible with the mother board. I read alot from other forum before and alot ppl say lga mobo mostly support until pcie 2nd gen. Tuesday, April 17, Majority of the latest computers are equipped h57 the lah sized video slot.