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Segments are then passed on to the other layers and converted into packets or datagrams. In the absence of loopback, router id is highest physical interface ip address but if loopback is present than it is highest loopback ip address before all this depending upon the priority, router id is selected.

Unknown April 5, at 1: Disclaimer Interview Questions Answers. An autonomous system AS can be said as either a single network or a group of networks that is controlled interview questions and answers for ccna in pdf download a common network administrator or group of administrators on behalf of a single administrative entity such as a university, a business enterprise, or a business division. On social networking if you are sharing stuff of this site or documents then you have to credit back to us with sharing our link.

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The ping command uses the ICMP echo request dwnload echo reply packets to determine whether a particular IP system on a network is functional. In the case of half-duplex, a device cannot receive while it is transmitting, and vice versa.

Anonymous August 6, at 2: Packets are also referred to as datagrams. What is DHCP scope?

Hub is Centralized device series. Its job is very simple — anything that comes in one port is sent out to the others. It is because UDP is un-sequenced and unreliable. In communication weakening or loss of signal energy, typically caused by distance.

Basic CCNA Interview Questions AND Answers

ROM is read-only memory available on a router’s processor board. Content of these documents are copy right protected. These are data that has been wrapped under the different protocols of the OSI layers.

A ‘protocol’ is a set of invisible computer rules that enable two devices to connect and andd data to one another. Class C range is from To connect one comp to switch OR one switch interview questions and answers for ccna in pdf download router use straight cable.

Allows Full duplex data transmission and reception. Whatever the connection, layer 1 is always physical layer Reply. Anonymous June 15, at Source is the computer sending the packet and the destination is a remote computer or system that receives the packet and retransmits it.

It stores the entire frame to its buffers and performs a crc check before deciding whether or not to forward that data frame. AlFarouk Center November 4, at 1: A layered model also lets administrators troubleshoot problems more efficiently.

Specifically, to do any configuration changes, you need to enter privileged mode first.

Explain different cable types? What is the size of IP Address?

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Anonymous July 28, at Presentation layer supports many standards, which ensures that data is presented correctly. Anonymous April 1, at 1: What is AS Autonomous System? The Interfaces are fixed configurations that refer to the router ports. BootP is a protocol that is used to boot diskless workstations that are connected to the network.

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Irwin Williams December 27, at 5: Allows Half duplex data transmission and reception. Data encapsulation is a process that makes use of the layered model concept in that each layer depends on the layer above and below relative to OSI.

Protocols determine how data are transmitted between computing devices and over networks. High Level Data Link Control protocol.

Switch is a device that filters and forwards packets between LAN segments. Class A Range from 1. Direct Link Connection Identification.

Unknown September 8, at 2: For a network administration, segmenting a network would help ease network traffic and iterview that high bandwidth is made available at all times for all users. Unknown March 3, at 2: The processes at each layer of the OSI model. Anonymous December 16, at 1: