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I ordered it on amazon and it arrives today. To be honest, I thought the same thing when I saw it. He does play online. He is widely recognized as one of the greatest and most respected no-limit hold em players, as well as a feared opponent in both no-limit and limit hold em side games.

Thinking about buying it but I don’t know if vol 1 is too basic for me.

Halo 2 Hacks Let’s Play Pokemon! As for tells, read Read’em and weep. I was just wondering if anyone else has picked harrington on online cash games deutsch pdf download book up yet as I haven’t seen anyone posting on it. Log in or sign up in seconds. Or am i being too philosophical and over-thinkin things?

As for how to think about the game, I really liked No Limits by Chris Fox Wallace basic fundamentals but good advicebut if you go on iTunes I think you can still download a podcast called “Deuce Plays” by Bart Hanson.

The real question is if the player is actually advanced or thinks he is advanced. Right now I am about 15 pages away from when it starts talking about HUDs, so I’m kind of interested to see what all it has to say about that.

I’d pick it up if I played 6max, but I don’t.

Bill Robertie has spent his life playing and writing about chess, backgammon, and now poker. Do not ask for any type of ghosting while playing and follow Reddit’s user agreement. I’ll likely read it at some point but I was so disappointed at his 1st cash game books that it might be a while before I pick it up. After this and other discussions, book is on harrington on online cash games deutsch pdf download way!

Sure, but you’d better understand all of pre-cal before you move on. Where does he play?

Also not as advanced as I thought. I don’t recall but I could be way off base that Harrington ever does much if anything online. Dan Harrington began playing poker professionally in Official Subreddit Steam Group: And he was the only player to make the final table in field of harrington on online cash games deutsch pdf download field of 2, considered by cognoscenti to be the greatest accomplishment in WSOP history.

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Harrington on Online Cash Games – 6-Max NLHE – Poker Forums

This site does not store any files on its server. I’m liking this book a lot so dektsch. Ok I see i wasnt specific enough. Easy Game by Andrew Seidman is my favorite book, and great for an intermediate to advanced player, but I don’t think I’d call it the ‘most advanced. He began playing chess as a boy, inspired by Bobby Fischer s feats on the international chess scene.


It’s basically how to use poker stove. Frankly, I’d just hold out for Dusty’s book and watch videos and take notes at your favorite poker training site. Before knocking the book, take a look! That’s the oline, they don’t want to say cause harrington likes to keep it private.

Harrington on Cash Games

Already read ss 1 and 2. The only listing I’ve found on Dan Harrington’s screen name is “Pickled Egg”, but that has not been confirmed. I truly believe that those book profits r not the motivation. We follow harrington on online cash games deutsch pdf download More than likely not going to be very useful to anyone who is playing above low stakes, but then again, many of those players won’t be needing to read a book like this anyhow. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Sure seems like a good place to pick up some book selling bucks from a market that will buy anything with a name on it.

I’ve heard both and Bill Robertie, his partner and co-author, interviewed about his online play. Does he reek of 6-max prowess Unfortunately, people have gotten better. Dan began his serious games-playing with chess, where he quickly became a master and one of the strongest players in the New England area.

It might be marginally profitable with a decent rakeback deal, but it’s not ideal and I imagine it won’t be profitable even as high as 25NL now-a-days.