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Hadoop Tutorial

Helps in you understanding the repository architecture, metadata and repository object locks. Raghu, Did you find any way to generate reports on the fly from the web application browser client??

Hi Shiva, I m new in obiee. I have a requirements where the report need to have table of content section abswers, sections having lot of textual paragraphs narrativesthose paragraphs will also have figures embadded comming from members of essbase cubes, will have lot of tabular information capturing the KPIs, will have various graphical representation of the same tabular information, need to have headers, footersfoot notes to be printed in the report.

Is it possible to apply separate filters on separate columns with a single report? It would be great if you could provide your suggestion here, as informatica real time scenarios with answers pdf download were answerd this kind previously. This testing is done to test the same functionality on infomratica devices with different platforms. It worked with out any problems.

In the answers it is working fine, when when i am running on the dashboard with the prompt value selected. Still get no selected month and a lt of graphs… Any idea? Is there a way to achieve this?

Can You guide me How to do. Thanks for your assistance. I proposed a solution, to load informatica real time scenarios with answers pdf download to a standalone table and add it as an additional source to the logical asset dimension, which works, But the company does not want to make any changes to the metadata as this i s not a standard OBIEE requirement.

How do I do that? Rutuja 28 September, Nice to meet you.


Use wifh BI function MAVG expr, integer — Calculates a moving average mean for the last n rows of data in the result set, inclusive of the current row. I tried to change in the path E: How can i disable either column level and row level grand total. I have tried this one also but not getting it.

Sharing source code may not be possible always Informatica real time scenarios with answers pdf download time for New OS version: I need to create variance reports from 2 different scenagios periods and show the 2 values and the variance column all on one line.

Can you help me with what functions i should use or logic should be. The second prompt using the next expresion to filter values. Hello Shiva, I hope all is going well for you! Reddy Reddy’s February 1, at 3: Hi Keerhi, The alias table in physical layer aiming mainly at Multiple drill down for a single table.

On a dashboard page i have inserted 5 bar graphs 5 diff requests.

Hadoop Tutorial, Apache Big Data Hadoop Online Tutorial | Intelllipaat

Also, when there are multiple reports to be sent to same receipient, what is the best delivery channel via e-mail? In one Report i have to report running Avg based on the number of the records displayed in my tabular form.

The big problem is, even after the cube is up, the analysis continuous with the same problem. I tried with ragged hierarchy set up, where informatica real time scenarios with answers pdf download child values roll up to their parent.

Hi, i have a requirement i have three prompts in dashboard with year,quarter,month.

Also, can generate reports on the fly from the web application browser client and not just the fat client? Is there a way we can have it not refresh on text boxes or put eith focus on the next text box in the prompt? If I give filter as to the YTD column its gives correct data i.

To leverage the full benefit of the Cloud, including its elasticity and scalability, it informatica real time scenarios with answers pdf download important to understand AWS services, features, and best practices.