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The Kick-Bass pattern is a staple in most electronic music styles. Do that for the paste and transpose to G for the next measure, and then F measure for the last measure, a simple, happy sounding major lead.

Download fruity loops 10 for dummies pdf » Free download of SOFTWARE, GAMES, VIDEO, MUSIC

Now go to the next measure in the piano roll, place the same pattern at F5, then the next measure should be G5, and then F5 again, A simple I,IV,V progression. Little slider to slide through the song. The slight dissonance between the 3 oscillators makes the intument sound wider, fuller, and bit fatter.

Get rid of a note by right clicking. Under Osc 1 click the shape that looks like a backwards N, this changes the wave of the sound to a rough saw shape, instead of a smooth sine. This makes an eighth note play on every offbeat at C5. You place notes just like you lops with the drums. Drop down menu shows different sets fruity loops for dummies pdf download intruments, used for better organizing songs with alot’a synths, I dont ever use it though.

Adds a reverb effect to everything in insert 1, which is only the lead synth we made.

But now, you can drag them around, and change loop notes. This will make thesynth slide from note to note, mosts dwonload synths sound better with a subtle slide.

Place the pattern with the bass and drums you just made, fruity loops for dummies pdf download should have been pattern 1, so just click next to pattern one, and position it to take up the first 4 bars.

Set the preset to Stereo Effect, and adjust the Cut knob to a little less than half way.

Fruity Loops 9 For Dummies Pdf

By default it shows — and it has 4 beats in the measure When you start up FL studio you should be greeted with a screen with a bunch’a blocks on it. The cut knob adjusts the effects low pass filter. The settings for the synth, and the effects.

I will explain the parts. Basically, on the big bunch of squares next to the keyboard, you place notes. Sounds can be sent here via fruity loops for dummies pdf download, or sometimes synths have options to send parts of the synth to one of the sends.

Press F5 to open the playlist editor. Press some buttons on the little piano keyboard. The different drum parts, the dummjes ” riffs “, and so on.

fruity loops 10 for dummies pdf

There is 8 things labeled from 1 to 8, these are the 8 slots for effects. Fruity loops for dummies pdf download, Add a note left clicking on one of these boxes with all a fruity loops for dummies pdf download there. This little slider adjust the swing, When set all the way left, there is no swing, when all the way right, each beat is heavily accented and the notes in between each beat are kind of grouped together in a kind of triplet feel.

Using Fruity Loops – Starters and beginners In order to understand this tutorial, you will need to know the basics of operating FL. Once you are done with that, right click on the BooBass and select Piano Roll, a window will appear, it will have a keyboard on the right, and a buncha empty slots. Still sounds pretty plain though doesnt it? On Osc 2, very slightly adjust the Fine knob to the left, and on Osc 3, move it slightly to the Right. A screen will appear with the boobass settings, this synth is very basic, and only has 3 knobs, TrebleBassand Mid.

This routes the instrument through the gor Effects channel. Toggle the little box next to the arrow at the top right of the step sequencer. I dunno what to call it.

The pattern in the blocks will repeat while a piano roll sequence is playing. The drums only played during the first measure didnt they? Selects a step sequencer pattern. Click on Insert 1. Lets spice it up a bit.