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Lower switch stem to OFF position to turn off the deck lights. Figure is a wiring diagram for a typical dual battery switch.


guidelinee In case of contact with skin, flush with water at least 15 minutes. Pressing the warmup button allows the transmission to remain in neutral while the operator advances the throttle for warming up the engine. Abstract The design of reliable station-keeping systems for permanent floating structures such as offshore renewable energy devices is vital to their lifelong integrity.

Yellow with Giidelines from starter switch to starter solenoid. Ask a person to assist you for to the hull contact your authorized this operation. The following guides help prevent accidents while water skiing.

Sea-doo 230 Series Operator’s Manual

If any label is missing, ask your dealer for a replacement. With boat moored to the dock and engine idling, check for proper operation of the shifting motion by moving throttle forward, back, and then to neutral. Close the thru hull discharge seacock. This is why it should be readily accessible at all times. The automatic mode can not be deactivated, even if the main bat- tery cut-off switch is turned OFF. Hull and deck Inspect for damage.


For more detailed information on these items, refer to the equpiment sections. Installation is procedure in reverse, however, pay attention to bimini top orientation for proper positioning. Replaceable oil Type filter. Accidentally engaging the shift can result in a serious injury or death. It is designed to be thrown to a person in the water, grasped and held by the user until he or she is rescued.

In such a case, consult an authorized Sea-Doo Boats dealer for servicing.

Striper Seaswirl Series Owner’s Manual

Connector cap Firmly push downward to engage ter- minals. Apply ammonia solu- salt, sugar, spices, tan- tion, blot. MSD does not empty Blocked line to Remove material holding tank from line. Cylinder 1, ignition coil and 10 A injector F4: Exhaust System and 1.

Output automatically decreases as the battery is charged. Latch When completely opened, the cover To close, lift the latch ring and slowly remains in that position on calm water. Cup holder 25 Mooring Cleats 24 Bow and Stern Eyelets When mooring to a dock, it is recom- mended to secure with both front and Bow Eyelet rear gudielines.

Aerated Live Bait Well The raw water pump circulates and guidekines water in the bait well to keep your bait alive.

Always keep on observing the traffic and make sure the surrounding is clear and safe. Page 44 The General Prudential Rule The general prudential rule regarding right-of-way is that if a collision appears unavoidable, neither boat diwnload right-of-way.

Flush the MSD several times to clean waste buildup out of the lines and rinse the tank. Engine exhaust from your boat when operating at slow speed or stopped in the water can cause excessive accumula- tion of poisonous carbon monoxide within cabin and cockpit areas. Use it only tem- porarily to check the position of your boat and the surrounding area. Although using a whistle signal is not necessary every time a boat is nearby, operators must signal their intentions when necessary to avoid potentially con- fusing or hazardous situations.

Generator or hull exhaust from other vessels while either docked or anchored can emit poisonous carbon monox- ide gas and cause excessive accumulation within cabin and cockpit areas. Engine cut-off switch Main battery cut-off switch Battery support The design of reliable station-keeping systems for permanent floating structures such as offshore renewable energy devices is vital to their lifelong integrity.

Navigational Aids Whistle Signals Out on the water, whistle signals are commonly used. Don’t show me this message again. Many states regulate the chemical content of bottom paints to meet environmental standards and regula- tions.

These laws are vigorously enforced. Intake grate cleaning cycles will be interrupted if intake grate con- more at steady and slow speeds. Page 35 Propeller Personal Injury! Page Include, but without limitation: Safe Boating Courses The local U. Like driving a car, driving a boat, requires sober, attentive care. Fresh Water Pump The fresh water pump supplies water under pressure to the system when the system is not connected to a shore water supply.