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EJB specifies an execution environment 3. D All of them 5. The out object is an object encapsulated inside the …………….

State true or false for Java Program. Get better data Beautiful. A switch, if 4. C i-true, ii-false 8. Which of the following do not represent legal flow control statements? Wing is taking on big telecom We wanted our sign-up to be an experience for our customer, not just another boring form. B Platform independent 2. The versatile data collection tool for professionals. JSP embeds in …………….

D Remote Memory Interface 8. What is the error in the following code?

Native — protocol pure Java converts ………. Which one of the following keywords would archive this?

Turn data collection into an experience | Typeform

How often do you post? B Converts a java …. B Debug a java program 3. A Not necessary 7. Using which keyword we can access value of the instance and class variables of that class inside the method of that class itself.

EJB supports transaction processing A 1-true, 2. C i-false, ii-true, iii-false, iv-false.

200 TOP JAVA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf

Which of the following is not mandatory in variable declaration? Which one of the questioms is true for Java A Java is object oriented and interpreted B Java is efficient and faster than C C Java is the choice of everyone. Get conversational Your personality. D either super or this 9. C byte code 4. B i-false, ii-true 7.

D All the above Answers: Life cycle of an applet is described by ……………… methods. A Boolean expression 18 C.

Which method will a web muultiple call on a new applet? A a semicolon B an identifier C an assignment D a data type. D all methods … interface 8. A method name myMethod that needs two integer arguments is declared as A public void myMethod ; B public void myMethod int a, int b ; C public void myMethod int a, b ; D public int myMethod a, b ; Answers: